The EdStarter Program

A Job-Centered, Technology-Enabled, Education Experience

The EdStarter program begins with an initial screening, where incarcerated individuals show that they have the skills, aptitude, and drive to complete the program. Upon acceptance, participants enter a skills training course co-developed with technology companies that are actively hiring. EdStarter also works to pair participants with technology companies seeking employees. When such a “match” is made, participants begin training in a work-study capacity for a technology company while still incarcerated. Companies receive the benefit of continuing to train and evaluate future employees; incarcerated individuals receive continued job training, and have more opportunities to demonstrate that they are able to take on full-time roles immediately upon their release.

When incarcerated individuals are released, their companies are ready to hire them in a full-time capacity, with salary and benefits that will guarantee better life outcomes for participants, more trained employees for companies, and reduction in recidivism for the whole correctional system.

Image by Ivan Aleksic

Our Technology

  • Locked-down technology restricts unsupervised internet or communication

  • Dashboards reflect progress through monitoring trainings

  • Platform uses existing technologies from Edovo, optimized for correctional context

  • Trainings built using existing content, sourced from companies hiring trainees

  • Platform for job searches to identify employers and needed skills

  • Platform for communication with mentors at companies and program veterans

Computer Learning

Program Timeline

Initial Screening: Incarcerated individuals apply to the training program and undergo screening to ensure they have a GED, a likely release date within 3 years, and other requisite skills to be successful in the program.

Basic Skills Training: Students who pass basic screening are provided company- agnostic basic computer and communication skills training based on existing Edovo offerings. Students must pass an exam to “graduate” to career skills training.

Job Search & Placement: Students in process with career skills training “match” with a company that is looking to hire. The EdStarter platform allows companies to post relevant roles.

Career Skills Training: Students receive training on company-specific technologies (i.e. Microsoft Azure; AWS; etc.). Companies help build these trainings.

Work-Study: Students who complete trainings and match with a company, begin work-study. Companies provide students with project-based opportunities, and students complete it for pay.

Employment & Continuing Support: Upon release, students are hired full-time at companies. They receive ongoing access to post-release learning materials, and are guaranteed a mentor at their new company.