A solution for those who are incarcerated 

to acquire education and employment

EdStarter is the world’s first platform that pairs technology industry opportunities with currently incarcerated individuals, providing a solution for those who are incarcerated to acquire education, employment, and a brighter future.


Our Approach

We believe that by facilitating connections and education experiences, incarcerated individuals can find fulfilling careers, avoid recidivism, and help address shortages in the technology labor market.

EdStarter was formed in partnership with Edovo, a Chicago-based start-up that builds and sells a cutting-edge tablet-based educational platform to over 100 correctional facilities and tens of thousands of learners.

Leveraging Edovo’s widely-used tablet hardware and software, EdStarter provides: tools for basic and tech career skills training, a jobs board for posting current roles at technology companies, and a mentorship tool that allows incarcerated individuals to communicate with mentors securely.

Critically, EdStarter connects companies with uniquely creative talent to drive success.